April 10th 2013

The Fashion Design Department – including all fashion design students, their lecturers and Academic Director Elena Ryleeva -- visited Bandung to explore the fabric and accessory marketplace outside Jakarta. This field trip also provided an opportunity for our Mini Collection senior students to purchase new materials and supplies.

Firstly, the group visited an arts and crafts supplies store called “Crayons”, where they observed a variety of knitted and embroidered fabrics. After that, they visited the Bandung Fabric Market, which sells fabrics unavailable in Jakarta, which provided plenty of fresh supplies for course projects. Lastly, before returning home, the group visited the Accessories Market that sells accessories made from unconventional materials, including those with modern and contemporary designs.

Overall, the field trip proved an educational success, as our students are now exposed to a whole new market, which has helped broaden their knowledge and acquisition of fabrics, trimmings and accessories to improve their current and future collections.

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