Bandung Trip To ElZatta and Central TextIndo

Understanding the Computerised color Mixing

Understanding the assembly line

Group photo in front ofCentral Texindo

Group photo in ELZATTA factory

Checking the yarn for Knit production

​23 May 2014


Raffles Jakarta students from Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing had the unique opportunity to visit the manufacturing factory of ElZatta and the knitting factory of Central TextIndo along with 3 creative practitioners on May 23rd 2014 in Bandung, Indonesia.


At ElZatta, budding designers and marketers saw the process of layering and cutting the fabrics. They also observed the assembly line and how the garments are stitched in the factory. At the end of the trip, the company’s Marketing Manager, Mr Irfan explained about the various categories of products and their target market.


The second stop was the knitting factory of Central TextIndo. The first part of the visit was a vast setup filled with circular knitting machines. Their production manager was kind enough to show and teach the detail of the knitting process to our attentive students. Then, Raffles Jakarta’s group walked to another setup a few meters from their knitting factory to observe the dying and finishing processes. Students were amazed to see how the computerized and robotic colour-mixing machine is able to match the colour of the given sample. The manager explained the dying process as executed in their company as well as the required process to set width and weight of the fabric. Later, Mr. Deny, Marketing & Development Manager showed the students lots of different kinds of knit samples that their factory has developed over the years. He also extended his help to our future graduating students for developing their knit fabrics at Central TextIndo facility. It was a good learning experience for students to see the processes and machines that they have studied in their theory classes.


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