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Improvement never ceases. Neither does learning. Beyond a solid foundation in Raffles Design Institute Jakarta is a whole host of developmental programmes awaiting the professional whom you will evolve into swiftly. The world is your oyster; take your time to savour it in your professional life.


The Centre of Professional Development (CPD) acts as an important catalyst and platform for professional development for the thousands of talented students and graduates of the various institutes owned and managed by Raffles Education Corporation.


We are committed to prepare our students with career development skills and provide resources to support the pursuit of their career goals. By forging extensive strategic industry partnerships, the CPD provides a seamless interface between students and the industry at all levels of their studies and opens up a whole world of career opportunities for them.


With CPD, graduates can expect top exposure for jobs advertised and industry partners have the wide geographical reach and access to a greater number of talents than traditional recruitment methods.


Services provided at the Raffles Centre of Professional Development include:

  • Internship Placement

  • Industrial Collaborative Projects

  • Career Placement

  • Career Consultation

  • Competition Information

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