Raffles Alumni set the tone on the Indonesia Fashion Week opening day

February 3rd, 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 took place this year in JCC Senayan from 20th to 23rd January 2014. The central theme of this edition was local Indonesian fashion and design, as the event focused on showcasing Indonesia as the up and coming fashion capital, especially regarding Muslim wear since the country hosts the largest Muslim community in the world.

Raffles was part of the opening day celebration with Maria Valentine Lydia opening a special event named RE+HABITAT seeing participants from 12 other design schools. The theme was taken from the words “habitat and “rehabilitation”. The concept signifies the coming of a new era of stability, security and comfort. Happiness will surely become a focal concept for the 2015/2016 trend.

The different segments of the fashion show were inspired by different cities and areas of Indonesia. ALLIANCE was inspired by the city of Solo where modern and traditional elements mix together in harmony. Maria Valentine Lydia selected ALLIANCE because “it has a similarity to Japan, in which modernity is still balanced with their cultural heritage”. The concept for her collection was named “x=+”, translating the theme of Recovery as the fusion of contradicting elements, creating a unique best-of-both-world feel. Our young designer said: “Solo is getting more and more modern. However, its people still hold onto their traditional values. Between modernity and tradition. Between old and new. These two concepts that are opposed by nature (x) collaborate beautifully, creating a distinctive yet wonderful new culture (+)”.

Other themes were presented such as BIOMIMETICS, which was thought of as the beacon of hope left as the savior of humanity as if extinction was inevitable. The inspiration was taken from the city of Banjarmasin, through the exploitation of nature. The virtual world is increasingly integrated in our life, and usually seen as a positive even if it is now harder to escape the unrest of the real world. ADROIT was inspired by the metropolitan capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. The last segment, VERACIOUS, was inspired by the meditative spirit of the Raja Ampat Islands, Papua. It reflected the essence of the life as being honest, open and trying to reach a pinnacle both physically and spiritually.


Indonesia Fashion Week is an annual event and Raffles is looking forward to showcases more of its talented designers next year.

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