Indonesian Architectural And Cultural

Heritage Trip

​June 2014

Raffles Jakarta young interior designers immersed in the Indonesian architectural and cultural heritage trip as part of their Cultural Studies in Taman Mini Indah Indonesia (TMII). The recreation area and park is a miniature reproduction of Indonesian life, representing the cultures, natures and heritages of Indonesian people. They saw the diversity in the traditional construction and interior available in their own homeland.


Great designers need to be familiar with their own local heritage and culture. This trip is helping our students to get to know the traditional way of house building, as well as traditional materials and joinery used. Visiting TMII was also a great occasion to open their minds in terms of design in general. Showing amazing variety in designs and architecture, this trip is giving the students a wider perspective on their heritage as well as on local craftsmanship.


This immersion in the vast heritage of Indonesia will surely be beneficial for the Raffles young designers in search for inspiration for their upcoming projects.

The Participating Students and Creatice Practitioners Pedro Riscado and Katarina Radinovic

Traditional Indonesia Culture

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