Jakarta Creative Week

​8 June 2014


Raffles Institute of Higher Education Jakarta was delighted to participate in Jakarta Creative Week as it is a platform to showcase the top creative talent coming up in the Indonesian fashion world. As Jakarta is becoming one of the fashion capitals in Asia, Raffles is contributing to local effort to breed a generation of unique Indonesian designers for the years to come.


For Jakarta Creative Week 2014, five 2nd year students from Raffles Jakarta showed their latest creations. The show was made to give a preview of the collection from our young designers ahead of Raffles Indonesia’s biggest event of the year, Raffles Night 2014. Anita NATALIA, Fiona REBECCA, ADRA, Naarah NAHAMA, Yovana ELITA presented part of their collections in Kota Kasablanca Mall, on Sunday 8th of June 2014 in front of an attentive crowd.


One of the highlights of the show was the ambitious and conceptual collection from Anita Natalia. Her work is making reference to a coming future where our planet will grow old, and become more prone to unpredictable disasters and will be nearly destroyed. She describes her work as a vision into a bleak future, where humans will be replaced by a new species, the “Arthropiens”.


The above mentioned students will be joined by 8 other talented designers on the day of Raffles Night on October 2nd, 2014 in Hotel Mulia Senayan. Raffles Jakarta is holding this annual celebration held every October. The event exhibits the young Raffles designers' works from Fashion Design, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Business Management.  Meanwhile Raffles fashion show will be presenting thirteen collections from graduating fashion designers from both Raffles Jakarta and Surabaya. It will also be a special opportunity for the Raffles alumnus and current students to network with Raffles business partners. 

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