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A Field Trip to the first Textile Company in Centre Jakarta (Sundjaja Pleating)

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Field Trips


Written by:

Jesslyn SANTOSA – RJK FD adjunct lecturer

Vetted by:

Sanjay Razora – RJK FD Program Director




Indonesia – Raffles Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing Management visited the first textile company in Centre Jakarta @ Sundjaja Pleating


On February 13th, 5 of FD and FMM students went to Sundjaja Pleats with RJK adjunct lecturer -Ms. Jesslyn SANTOSA. It is located across LTC Glodok. Sundjaja Pleats is the 4th storehouse and currently under renovating. The owner of Sundjaja Pleats= Mr. Arief SUNDJAJA brought our students around to see what are the available machine and gave information on how to use all the machines.


This field trip helps the student to see how the pleating process is done not only manually in small quantities but also in big quantities up to factory scale. Students will have a better understanding of the process and the different techniques that can be achieved. It is also a great opportunity to make a connection with the vendor once they have finished their study. They also can learn how to deal with them and learn in as a process of developing their collection.

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