Raffles Medan designs for Mikie Holiday Resort

April 2014

Raffles Medan and Mikie Holiday Resort has recently started an industry collaboration. Mikie Holiday Resort has requested Raffles Medan to provide conceptual drawings for the next upcoming major festive holiday decorations (Idil Fitri celebations) for their hotel property in the highlands of Berastagi town. This includes the hotel lobby, café, restaurant and the theme park.


To prepare for this challenging task, a group of Raffles Medan Interior Design students led by their Creative Practitioner, Ms Lori Emilie went on a field trip to Mikie Holiday Resort on 10-11 Apr 2014. They visited the property to have a sense and feel of the property. At the same time, the students did a site survey and took some measurements.


The students are excited to be given this opportunity to decorate this renowned Holiday Resort. Natasha commented, “This would be my first experience. I’m kind of excited with this project. Great exposure for us.”


Stephanie also added that this is her first experience on a site visit. She said it was fun and is very proud to be involved to work on this project.

Interior Design Students on Field Trip to Mikie Holiday Resort in Berastagi.From left: Felicia, Ms Lori (Raffles Creative Practitioner), Stephanie, Natasha, Edeline

Raffles Medan Interior Design Students doing a site survey at Mikie Holiday Resort

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