Raffles Surabaya – 8th Surabaya Fashion Parade

May 2nd, 2015


Raffles Surabaya joined the 8th Surabaya Fashion Parade at Tunjungan Plaza on Saturday, May 2, 2015. The Surabaya Fashion Parade is an event held every May, this year celebrating the city’s 722nd anniversary.



At this event, Raffles Surabaya presented mini collections from students and lecturers. This included Jessica Wijaya’s “De La Mort” collection for Autumn/Winter, inspired by the Angel of Death and symbolizing the complexity of human life. Here, black represents the mystery of the death, red symbolizes the blood of life, and braided chains portray the story of complex human lives connected to one another but always ending in the same way. Also, Josephine Lijanto showed off her “Metropolis” collection with its futuristic theme inspired by the Fritz Lang film, Metropolis (1947).



Sri Lukito Sari, a Raffles Surabaya lecturer, also exhibited her new collection, “Strings Attached.” This is a capsule collection inspired by the Hunt Hill Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava. The majestic suspension cables spanning over 400 feet to support the bridge are translated here into layers of fringed details and biased strings. The collection features edgy, textured fabric and sophisticated patterns to give an elegant yet sporty look to the energetic young models—a perfect wardrobe solution for young professionals wanting to look both sharp and funky at the same time.



Christina Tanujaya also presented her “Premier Extase” (The First Ecstasy) collection, where the quest for physical pleasure begins where liberty is born. With “The First Ecstasy,” Christina emphasizes the sensuality of the female body and reflects on ways for women to enhance and release desire. The garments act as jewel cases to tame and reveal femininity with delicacy. Organza allows sheer tulle and lace to caress the skin. A spectrum of nudity adds a gentle touch to the collection and, combined with the use of all red, makes for an enchanting finish. The intricate floral lace and drape organdy creates a fantasy aesthetic, with subtle beading reflecting the light and highlighting aspects of the gowns. Focusing on feminine silhouettes, the gowns are fitted to emphasize waists, with flare-style dresses exaggerating the women’s natural curves. 



Jessica Wijaya and her “De La Mort” collection

Jessica Wijaya's “De La Mort” collection

Sri Lukito Sari with her “Strings Attached” collection

Josephine Lijanto with her “Metropolis” collection

“Le Noir Le Blanc” collection

Christina Tanujaya with her “Premier Extase” collection

“Bold & Beautiful” collection

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