Raffles Jakarta on Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

Jakarta - Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 got more exciting with the presence of talented young Indonesian designers, including the alumni of Raffles Institute of Higher Education in Singapore, Jakarta and Sydney. A total of eight designers showcased their works on the fourth day, Tuesday, 4 November, 2014, in 48 collections which ranged from ready-to-wear clothing to avant-garde and haute couture.

Two other designers put forward feminine designs. Fiona for Frebecca displayed embroidered gowns which reflected the winds and branches of winter nights. The collection blended art nouveau and asymmetrical lines in four gorgeous designs. Meanwhile, designer Leonnie Leonardo explored “Quiescence”, a collection of dresses with dainty and delicate impressions.

Carissa Patricia and Ingrid Husodo from Raffles Sydney revealed sixteen designs. If Carissa showed a collection inspired by the balance of Ying & Yang, Ingrid proved how a design can be modern yet traditional and back to nature in various charming two-pieces and dresses. On the other hand, Cynthia Francisca offered “Beyond the Veil”, taking inspiration from darkness, death and sex. Her designs exhibited how darkness can be elegant at the same time.

More photos below:

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