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Image by Eko Herwantoro

Jakarta, officially the Jakarta Special Capital Region (Indonesian: Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta) is the capital of Indonesia. It is located on the northwest coast of Java (the most populous island in the world). Jakarta is the center of Indonesia's economy, culture, and politics.

Jakarta is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Southeast Asia. Founded in the 4th century as Sunda Kelapa, the city became an important trading port for the kingdom of Sunda. It used to be the de facto capital of the Dutch East Indies when it was known as Batavia. Jakarta officially became a city in West Java until 1960, when its official status was changed to a province with a special distinction as its capital. As a province, the administration consists of five administrative cities and an administrative district. Jakarta is the alpha city of the world and is the headquarters of the ASEAN Secretariat, making it an important city for international diplomacy.


We usually do field trips so that our students can directly gain experience and learn directly from the field.

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Students learn technical knowledge directly from teachers who have academic and practical experience so that the knowledge they acquire can be directly applied.

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