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Harper BAZAAR Asia NewGEN
Geralda Almira PRIBADI

Introducing Geralda Almira, Harper's BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Award (ANFA)Winner


Incredible news that Geralda Almira @bygeraldaalmira @geraldaalmira has been announced as the winner of the Harper's BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Award (ANFA) 2022/2023. Her whooshing fabulous collection impressed the jury of fashion experts last night.


Geralda will represent Indonesia to take part in the ANFA competition to the regional level and compete with young designers from several countries in Asia.




“Mittelmoda” Milan-Italy
Geralda Almira PRIBADI

Raffles Student , Geralda Almira PRIBADI, the only South-East Asian finalist, was selected for International Lab @Mittelmoda – Fashion Award 2022, showcasing her collection in Milan, Italy. Geralda’s collection, LATITUDE, which means freedom from limitation, freedom to behave and freedom to act, is a juxtapose between the stigma of wearing conventional batik with contemporary fashion.


The module helps the students to create, produce, plan and participate in an event, both virtual and hybrid. The module entails the coordination of all aspects of sales promotion activities providing a road map for the event to all stakeholders. Students' role and responsibilities during the whole module include, but not limited to concept creation, planning, organizing, sponsor resourcing, creative directing, human resource management, negotiating, financial management, public & media representation and documentation. During the final week of the term students will host the event in a selected venue inviting audience participation and Lead capture mechanism.


We usually do field trips so that our students can directly gain experience and learn directly from the field.

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Students learn technical knowledge directly from teachers who have academic and practical experience so that the knowledge they acquire can be directly applied.

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