Our educators are more than teachers. They are creative practitioners and experts in their own professions. Collectively, their diverse backgrounds and wealth of cultural and industry knowledge translate into an added learning advantage for our students.

Their commitment to impart their knowledge and skills to our students, also of different nationalities, creates an environment which is rich in creativity and innovation. This conducive learning environment will broaden students' perspectives, enhance adaptability and enrich their personal growth.


To us, this is the Raffles Global Edge.

Stefan A.R Orschel-Read
Academic Director & Management.
Lecturer FD & FMM
Lee Kin Keong
Programme Director VC & DMD.
Lecturer VC & DMD
Tatyana Dedkova
Academic Lead.
Lecturer TH & BM
Jelena Milutinovic
Lecturer Interior Design
Iven Teh
Harvee Kok
Fashion Design (Malaysia)
Augusto J De Sa
Lecturer VC & DMD
Peter Sinclair
Lecturer DMD & VCD
Ali Fallahchay
Lecturer Digital Marketing
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