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Image by Eko Herwantoro

Jakarta, officially the Jakarta Special Capital Region (Indonesian: Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta) is the capital of Indonesia. It is located on the northwest coast of Java (the most populous island in the world). Jakarta is the center of Indonesia's economy, culture, and politics.

Jakarta is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Southeast Asia. Founded in the 4th century as Sunda Kelapa, the city became an important trading port for the kingdom of Sunda. It used to be the de facto capital of the Dutch East Indies when it was known as Batavia. Jakarta officially became a city in West Java until 1960, when its official status was changed to a province with a special distinction as its capital. As a province, the administration consists of five administrative cities and an administrative district. Jakarta is the alpha city of the world and is the headquarters of the ASEAN Secretariat, making it an important city for international diplomacy.


The Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police (Indonesian: Polda Metro Jaya) is the police force responsible for maintaining law, security and order for the Jakarta metropolitan area. It is headed by a two-star Police General (Inspector General of Police) titled "Chief of the Greater Jakarta Regional Police" (Indonesian: Kepala Kepolisian Daerah Metro Jaya for short "Kapolda Metro Jaya").

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Image by Bayu Syaits

The diversity and versatility of Jakarta make it a great place that has something for everyone, if they know where to look. From mainstream shopping areas to the hipster hub, discover the coolest neighborhoods in Jakarta.

Sudirman-Thamrin One of the city’s most prominent business centers, this neighborhood contributes greatly to Jakarta’s ever-growing skyline, with tall stylish buildings that host hundreds of businesses. Not only known as a business district, this area is as lively at night as it is all day as vibrant bars and clubs in the neighborhood transform it into a youthful nightlife hub. world and is the headquarters of the ASEAN Secretariat, making it an important city for international diplomacy.



Opened in 1975, this historical building and landmark is a mighty symbol of Indonesia’s struggle and determination to reach unity and independence. The architecture embraces the philosophy of two Indonesia’s traditional tools essential to producing rice the main food source of Indonesian, as well as symbols of the phallus and female organs, to promote balance and harmony between different forces.


Jakarta's standard time is +7 hours ahead of Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Image by Sulthan Auliya


All kinds of Indonesian dishes are offered in Jakarta. The local cuisine is Betawi cuisine, which reflects different foreign culinary traditions. Betawi cuisine is heavily influenced by Peranakan, Sundanese and Javanese Malaysian-Chinese cuisine, which is also influenced by Indian, Arab and European cuisine. One of the most popular local dishes in Betawi cuisine is Soto Betawi, which is made with pieces of beef and offal in rich and spicy cow's milk or coconut milk broth. Other popular Betawi dishes include soto kaki, nasi uduk, kerak telor (spicy omelet), nasi ulam, asinan, ketoprak, rujak, and Betawi gado-gado (salad with peanut sauce) .

Image by Felicia Buitenwerf


There are many ways to travel in Jakarta, from using online taxi and motorbike transportation, Bus, Bajaj (Traditional Jakarta Transportation), Commuter Rail Train, and Now also available Jakarta’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT).

Near the Raffles Jakarta campus, there is the MRT train station which is Bundaran HI Station. Through this station you can travel around the city of Jakarta at a very affordable cost. You just have to buy a ticket card or have an e-Money card to get on the MRT.

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Here are some tourist attractions that you can visit in Jakarta for fun:

  • Monas – The National Monument

  • The Thousand Islands

  • TMII – Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

  • DUFAN Amusement Park

  • Ragunan Zoo

  • Kota Tua Old Town Batavia

  • Sunda Kelapa Port

  • Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall

  • And Many More!

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